Leader LDM-815 Dipmeter & LIM-870 Impedance meter

User Manual LDM-815 (1 MB Ms Word doc)

User manual LIM-870 (Special version, adapted to my modified Impedance Meter)

This page shows my Leader LDM-815 transistor dipmeter and Leader LDM-870 Impedance meter

Photo: Ready to go case

The ready to go case with coils, adapters and various dummy loads.

Photo: Inside the case, foam holds the dip and impedance meter in place.

Photo: Front view of both units

The dipmeter and impedance meter can be screwed together to form an easy to handle unit.

Photo: LDM-815 and LIM-870 Piggy-bagged together

Photo: LDM-815 showing added RF OUT BNC

Diagram: LDM-815 Buffer amplifier

I Modified the LDM-815 to add an RF OUT BNC . This output can be used to drive a Frequency Counter or the LDM-870 Impedance meter.

RF Is taken from the oscillator coil via a small capacitor. RF Is amplified by a High-Z BF981 and a BF199 amplifier. Both amplifier stages are only switched ON when a DC load of <10kΩ is attached to the BNC. A BC557 does the switching. The current drawn by the amplifier exceeds the normal dipmeter current by 10 times...

Photo: LIM-870 Amplifier

Photo: LIM-870 Front view

The LIM-870 normally accepts RF from the dipmeter via a pickup coil, connected to two Banana busses on the front of the meter.

Photo: LIM-870 Inside view (before modification)

Photo: LIM-870 Close-up of the RF Bridge (before modification)

In order for the LIM-870 to accept RF Input from the BNC on the dipmeter, I added an RF IN BNC to the impedance meter.

In all systems I normally encounter, unbalanced coax is used to feed the antennas. So I decided to modify the bridge and add a SO-239 socket as Antenna connector. Two bananaplugs fascilitate measurement on balanced feed lines and connecting a ground wire.

Inside, I hooked up the BNC RF input to the Amplifier input. It is no now longer possible to use the bridge without amplifier, I removed the switch...). The SO-238 ia connected to the variable capacitor with two strips of copper foil.

Photo: LIM-870 inside view from opposite angle.

Dip- and impedance meter connected together

A 50Ω dummy load is connected to the antenna port

The LIM-870 shows perfect balance with the dial set to the corresponding impedance.

Reliable impedance readings can be obtained below 100MHz only.


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