A Low voltage power distribution block for use in the radio shack

Description of the design

To distribute low voltage power in the radio shack, Low voltage power distribution blocks can be obtained from commercial sources. Building such a distribution block can be done easily and cheaper than commercial products. It may be extra beneficial if you need an large amont of power outlets.

Below, you will find photographs of one of the two blocks I build myself from 'K40' installation gutter (bought in 2 meter length from the local hardware store) and banana plug sockets. In my shack, I use a 1 meter long distribution block and a shorter 25cm one on my QRL.

The small block in my QRL. The sockets are spaced approximately 5 cm horizontally and 2 cm vertically. The overall length is 25 cm.

A 1.5m length of cable is attached to the block, with terminal lugs to connect to the Power Supply Unit. You can of course use banana plugs if you want to. Take into account that the sum of the electrical current of all outlets flows through these wires when selecting the wire gauge.

Installation detail. The screw in the foreground prevents the two halves of the K40 from separating. The machine screw on the top holds the terminal block for the wires in place.

The banana jacks are connected to each other using 2,5mm2 bare copper installation wire. It is advisable to use a strain relief clamp for the cable (i didn't ;-).

Detail of the wiring. If the block is used for currents above 5 Amps, do not use the terminal blocks shown here but solder the cable directly to the bare copper wires!

De voeding

The power supply should of course be able to deliver the required power for all loads connected, and have a short circuit protection



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