Stereo sound for 13 cm ATV

Compatible with "analogue satellite receiver"

Description of the design

Two oscillators (One adjusted to 7.02 MHz, the other to 7.20 MHz) together form a (stereo) sound carrier generator for my 13 cm ATV Tx.

Both oscillators are built identical and the outputs are simply put in parallel.

The next photo's show the two oscillators, built on vero-board, together with a 7809 based power supply (so my circuit is fed by 9 Volts instead of 12 as drawn above). The positive power supply must be decoupled to chassis ground (for example a small electrolytic capacitor placed in parallel to a ceramic 100nF capacitor) for each of the two oscillators separately and of course, two 100nF capacitors at the in- and out-put of the 7809 (or 7812, as drawn above).





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